Nature Reserve

Declared as a Nature Reserve in 1993

Mr. Danie Hough, Administrator of the Transvaal, announced on 14 July 1992 that 341 hectares around the Monument had been declared an unique nature reserve. The first game, namely zebras and bles buck, were set free on the nature reserve on Friday, 25 June 1993.

Business hours: 1 September – 30 April: 08:00 – 18:00
1 May – 31 August: 08:00 – 17:00

The speed limit on all roads is 30km per hour

  • All visitors must report to the main gate on arrival
  • Please do not disturb others
  • Please look out for people on bicycles as well as hikers and joggers
  • Visitors are not allowed to trade in the reserve unless permission has been obtained beforehand
  • Please obey all road signs; remember pedestrians and animals have the right of way
  • Only persons with a valid drivers’ licence may drive in the reserve
  • No animal, plant or bird may be fed, disturbed or removed from the reserve
  • Remember uncontrolled fire destroys and kills. Do not cause fires through negligence in the handling of e.g. braai fires or cigarettes
  • No pets are allowed on the site but guide dogs are welcome
  • Dumping of rubbish is strictly prohibited

Summary of Game

Burchell’s Zebra
There are currently 8 zebras originally from the SA Lombard nature reserve and 1 stallion from PMP in Pretoria.

Bles buck
There are about 35 bles buck on the site. They prefer open, short grass veldt as a habitat.

Mountain Reedbuck
The reserve currently has 30. They are from the Rustenburg Nature Reserve. They are a very shy type of antelope that avoid human contact but are good viewing for quiet hikers.

They were settled here in August 2002 from Standerton. There are 7 rams and 21 ewes of differing ages.

A herd of 30 have been on the site since 2002 and are originally from the Soutpansberg district in Limpopo. They prefer to graze in the thick bushes on the eastern side of the site.

Black wildebeest
One bull and two cows were donated to the reserve by E Oppenheimer & sons during June 2004. One bull and four cows were also settled on the reserve in July 2007 and was transfered from the Rietvleidam.

Red Hartbeest
The reserve obtained one bull and three cows through an exchange scheme during July 2004

Bush buck
One ram and one ewe were donated to the reserve by the De Beers Trust during September 2004

Smaller mammals such as white and black-tailed mongoose, small spotted genet, rock hyrax, scrub hare, cane rats, hedgehogs and porcupines are endemic and common. There are too many black-backed jackals. African wild cats and caracal have already been seen here.