The Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve is more than just a heritage conservation site.

It is the cultural home of the Afrikaner, where everyone is welcome. It is a beacon of hope that can be seen from any direction of Pretoria. It is a place of relaxation.

The Voortrekker Monument offers the public the opportunity to learn more about the Afrikaner’s remarkable story of faith, heroism, perseverance, and a vision of the future to be where we are today.

Why was the Voortrekker Monument erected? What is the symbolism behind each element and room that makes up this well-thought-out work of art?

What is the history behind each of the other attractions that can also be seen on the site?

Bring your family, friends or school group and come dig deeper to find answers to all these questions!

Besides the rich history, the Voortrekker Monument is also a place of relaxation!

Here you can enjoy outdoor activities like horse riding, jogging, walking and cycling, have a picnic or braai, drink coffee and enjoy traditional Boerekos!

Come and visit the cultural home of the Afrikaner today and discover our heritage like never before!