The Heritage Centre on the grounds of the Voortrekker Monument is a project by the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation is a non-profit company that concentrates on the conservation of endangered heritage assets of particular significance to the Afrikaans-speaking section of the population.

The exhibition forms the most visible part of the Heritage Centre. The theme is Afrikaners in the 20th century; pioneers, beacons and bridges; ‘Postcard flashes’ from history. Given the complexity of South Africa’s history in the 20th century – and especially the Afrikaner’s emotional involvement – it was a very ambitious and even risky undertaking, which had to be undertaken with few resources.

The confidence is expressed that the exhibition will succeed in giving as far as possible an objective, honest, balanced and credible look at the role and contribution of a people who, under difficult circumstances, have had an indelible influence on the country over the past century. Therefore, South Africa was able to end the century as a world leader in several areas and one of the leading countries on the African continent.

This centre also houses the busts of all South Africa’s presidents up to 1994. You will also find the research centre, library and the Voortrekker Monument’s archives here.