Our story

The Voortrekker Monument is more than just a heritage conservation site. It is a cultural home for the Afrikaner. It is a beacon of hope that you can see from any direction of Pretoria. The Voortrekker Monument provides an opportunity for the public to learn more about the Afrikaner’s story, from the Great Trek to the Anglo-Boer War and more. The monument tells a story of heroism, perseverance and a vision for the future so that we can be where we are today.

Apart from history, the Voortrekker Monument is also a place of relaxation. It is the ideal place to have a picnic, walk, drink coffee and take part in adventure activities – in Afrikaans. The Voortrekker Monument welcomes families, friends and groups to enjoy an excursion on the monument’s grounds.

The Voortrekker Monument is your place, your people, your heritage, your future, your home.